Director’s Letters

Dear MSP Families,

What a great first week back to school! Our students seemed very ready to see their friends and teachers. We were so glad to welcome 4 new students to MSP this month as well, some of whom moved here from places like Memphis, Phoenix and Atlanta. It’s good to know that our school’s good reputation goes across the country!

In Devotions, we will be talking about how God promises that in Christ, our souls last forever. We will compare things that wear out and do not last, with things that are forever, like God’s love. We found a silly song about the fruit of the Spirit to sing together. If your child comes home and tells you that the fruit of the Spirit’s “not a coconut” – ask them what they are!

Nashville Notes Music Classes in building:
Every Tuesday this semester, home school kids’ music classes and choirs will be rehearsing in the church building. Orchestra, band and chorus will be taking place in the Worship Center and near the Fellowship Hall. Their parking lot is on the far South side of the church campus. Their traffic should not interfere with our car line or parents who come inside to pick up. If for some reason you encounter an issue with Nashville Notes students or drivers, please let me know.

MSP Tour & Preview Days for interested families for 2017-18 will be held Th/Fr Jan 26/27. If you have been pleased with our program, please share with your friends! Folks can RSVP to or visit for more information about Tour & Preview.

MSP’s 2017 Silent Auction will take place March 16/17 to coincide with our “Bug Ball Parade” special event. Chairpersons Denise Daniels, Annie Haralson and Dominique Hawkins are already at work pulling together this important fundraiser for our school’s scholarship fund.

We are thankful for each of you as we begin this new year together.

Grace & Peace,
Kristin Henke
Director, Mustard Seed Preschool